Finding A Voice Between The Silence

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I can barely believe how the years have passed I rarely see the joy in your eyes Instead, they are full of despise which you cannot hide I know you are in a hurry to live In the meantime, you are wary of visiting mine I know that life can be heavy sometimes I know […]

At sunrise, I try to show my concern however it gets blurred in the morning mist I have tried to fly to warmer skies But, those eagle eyes follow me I have become a point of focus to direct their hatred and anger All of my words are never heard They seem so absurd Maybe […]

Survivors guilt is not a thrill It is like a drill of pain which stays with you throughout the days I am continuously, wondering why I made it through the rainy days but the others have faded… I fear these days of the pain It is selfish in some ways I don’t want to betray […]

All I see are these lonely streets that have become part of me I don’t know where I belong I don’t know how to explain this song I have been gone for so long, will someone help me, to see. I wish I had a little more time to dream and time to believe the […]

  All I know are these silent lions in my life People walk-by without thinking twice, about how they feel and where they’ve been In their minds, they question whether they are a sin and how do they begin to live in these adverse surroundings These silent lions are far from home They just don’t […]

Somedays, I question what I mean to you Do you still see me broken in two? Just because I do not always agree with you But, you chose to follow through with your plans and leave me in the wastelands I did not plan our lives to fall into a great divide I did not […]

Maybe it not about the memories that we have lost but the ones we have gained. © Rosie Burnham