Finding A Voice Between The Silence

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All she wants is more Even though she has it all But, she never calls to see how everyone’s lives have turned out to be She just gossips through the mobile screens and types fake stories of how she wants her life to be But, she has it all and that is clear to see […]

Once your eyes were once a space into your soul but they disappeared long ago There is no home is your heart, you just discard the beautiful past You regard people’s worth by what they have achieved and so it seems I will never be accepted in that league I could get so fatigued by […]

There is no clarity in their identity They have supremacy in their eyes They are able to hide a lifetime of lies They have tried to sensationalise and minimalise their actions to justify their lack of compassion Their interactions have become more of a distraction, to cover up the fractions Their projection of kindness filters […]

I have told you before, you don’t have to be brave anymore I will tell you this a thousand time more You don’t have to be brave anymore You have fought through every storm and I could of not ask for more You have held me in my darkest hour and gave me all of […]

Once these days in the sun would have been a luxury Once my shadows were my only source of light I lost my fight against the darkness The colour black was all that I had become I thought that my world had become undone I have enough of their ultraviolet eyes of judgment, starring into […]

I wish you could see that I am not fifteen I am not damaged or a victim of my pasted I am yards away from where I began I wish I could take back the last 4015 days I wish I could erase all of the pain but the past is ingrained in my veins […]

My body is running out of energy I am terrified of this aspect of life For years, I have fought to breathe To Heal To repair my broken body After years of damage, I don’t know how my body has managed to continue I fear the mornings were I have zero energy I fear the […]