Finding A Voice Between The Silence

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Once these days in the sun would have been a luxury Once my shadows were my only source of light I lost my fight against the darkness The colour black was all that I had become I thought that my world had become undone I have enough of their ultraviolet eyes of judgment, starring into […]

I wish you could see that I am not fifteen I am not damaged or a victim of my pasted I am yards away from where I began I wish I could take back the last 4015 days I wish I could erase all of the pain but the past is ingrained in my veins […]

My body is running out of energy I am terrified of this aspect of life For years, I have fought to breathe To Heal To repair my broken body After years of damage, I don’t know how my body has managed to continue I fear the mornings were I have zero energy I fear the […]

I can barely believe how the years have passed I rarely see the joy in your eyes Instead, they are full of despise which you cannot hide I know you are in a hurry to live In the meantime, you are wary of visiting mine I know that life can be heavy sometimes I know […]

At sunrise, I try to show my concern however it gets blurred in the morning mist I have tried to fly to warmer skies But, those eagle eyes follow me I have become a point of focus to direct their hatred and anger All of my words are never heard They seem so absurd Maybe […]

Survivors guilt is not a thrill It is like a drill of pain which stays with you throughout the days I am continuously, wondering why I made it through the rainy days but the others have faded… I fear these days of the pain It is selfish in some ways I don’t want to betray […]

All I see are these lonely streets that have become part of me I don’t know where I belong I don’t know how to explain this song I have been gone for so long, will someone help me, to see. I wish I had a little more time to dream and time to believe the […]