Finding A Voice Between The Silence

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I trying to find a way through these seasons Where I don’t question God’s reasons One day things will turn around The sound of hope will ring through my body I will not feel sorry or worry about the past It will be a harmless memory that lives with me But does not destroy my […]

  I don’t have a clue How has the world has become so untrue I wish I could carry you through this avenue of pain I wish I could pursue a different path Instead, I am askew in sadness But, I know I will breakthrough I am one of the last few Who grew apart […]

  I am lost in a maze of pain Trying to find a flame to light the way I cannot keep staying in the bay It is a place of safety and sadness I have to move past it I continue to flinch and twitch Trying to wish away the pain for today But, it […]

The tidal waves Keeps me wide awake Carving my fate As I wait patiently by the ocean for the tides to turn so I don’t become submerged But, I have been here before in these cold waters I am not really to be slaughters I am someone’s daughter I must find a way out of […]

I will be by your side Even when you have given up the fight to stay You just want to fade away But, these days won’t look so grey Just keep those negative beliefs away Please just for today As the sun comes up The wind changes direction You find that your love and affection […]

Living in the dark Life drifts by so fast I feel like I am wearing a mask which burns my heart So much so, that I might need a bypass The task of living in this complicated society Wears me down to my skin and bone I wish I could go home I am left […]

It is harder to let go than to hold on to the things you know It hard to watch you go I feel so alone I wish I could take you home To protect and support you But, I know the reasons you have to go away and I know I won’t see you every […]