Finding A Voice Between The Silence

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I used to run to escape my mind Now I run to find the peace inside The elements are my protector, watching over me whilst I run through the field, along with the sand and those gravel tracks If I take a step back, I am not going into the past Were the ghosts would […]

  Mental health conditions are a lonely and isolating place. I have not many social interactions with any of my peers. I have tried to mend the friendship which broken down due to my limited time at school. In recent years, people have flown through my life, despite me being physically and mentally well. To […]

How many battle scars does a person have to have, before the world will let them heal? I feel I am living in a continuous wheel of despair but you don’t even care Standing from a distance you try to understand my life But you choose to criticise my every move to prove a point […]

I now have clarity, no one can question my sanity There are no similarities in our movements There are no remedies to fix the past I know the pain will not last Instead of measuring my success in money or a belief in where society thinks I should be. I would rather not measure my […]

I could spend a lifetime trying to get things right But, you will still lose the will to stay by my side To watch me thrive To be alive I am socially acceptable to your friends when it suits your plans Otherwise, I belong by the roadside At least I have the starlight to protect […]

I wish there was a place where you could stay in these safe hands A place to hold you so that you didn’t fall I wish I could give you more time and a lifetime of joy rather than pain I am sorry that you felt you had to go and fly below the sun […]

Trying to find peace with the past is the hardest part Haven’t I already got enough battle scars? It breaks my heart to relive these memories One sentence at a time People are trying to understand my life Every reason Every mistake Is viewed by everyone, to judge and create their own perception of events […]