Finding A Voice Between The Silence

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  I have begun to lose hope that I would ever have a conversation with someone that isn’t a ghost I tried to move to the coast, to get away from them I have tried to talk to other humans beings But all they see is the disease When will I have a company that […]

We are all told we have a reason to be here But, I do not belong in their universe, and this hurts For years, I have surrendered and allowed myself to be controlled by stronger minded people But, I am tired of being kicked to the outside I am only allowed to walk on their […]

I have tried to divide my time, so it doesn’t collide with your precious life But, in doing so, I am not living mine I am afraid to cross the lines that I have restricted myself to these four walls and do not talk All I hide you just don’t recognise You are protected by […]

I have known since I was ill, that everything comes back to me I used to hide behind the trees, wishing I could disappear from the spotlights searching for me But, I knew I would never be free Everything comes back to me I knew ten years ago, my life would be changed I hate the […]

I have been scared to write what is deep inside The headlights have been so bright They have been watching me through the night I have felt trapped inside I feel as though something inside me is not right The lights are controlling my life They stalk my shadow They blur my vision They isolation […]

Somedays I wish I could run away Somedays I wish I could find peace in the sky I get tired of people questioning my life I get tired of how people try to stigmatise my mind, to protect their lies I cannot hide that it has destroyed the little pieces of my mind that before […]

I have grown tired of changing myself for others I am controlled in a cocoon of criticism Where some people believe I should be hidden Out of sight Out of peoples minds So that, my presence does not infect them So I don’t disgrace their friendship group In doing this, I have been erased from […]