Finding A Voice Between The Silence

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  I can’t tell you that everything is going to be alright I can’t promise you that you will sleep peacefully through the night I can’t guarantee that it is going to be easy through the hard times to fight But, I will leave the light on, so you know that you are not alone […]

Why does everyone want a piece of me? Do they ever want me to be free? My life has been thrown for all to see How do I grieve when I cannot heal? How do I cry without the tears? How can I live without any fear? My life is inscribed in words of others […]

Maybe I have lost these places But created new spaces of peace I thought my life had been decided and decreases to small particles of pain I never thought these days would return again Life has ways of altering are perspectives Changing our dreams and hopes By accepting that there are so dreams that will […]

Sometimes you have to realise that you will never be right In their eyes, however hard you try They think you are wasting your life One day at a time I feel I will always be a disappointment I will be the invisible sibling standing by your side A shadow of my younger self But, […]

There are secrets in their eyes I wonder why they are still alive However much I despise them I cannot change their actions, their words, and their wicked ways I have to stay calm and collected Acting like I am unaffected Just because you can not see the water of pain, does not mean that it […]

I am staring at the ground I am trying not to frown as the clouds, fall amongst me I trying to hold back the darkness But, I am scared that it will defend me My mind is in a time capsule of fear I hope I don’t disappear I am jumping in between the shadows […]

These dust clouds surround me now I feel frozen in their presence In essence, they are the particles of pain that I thought would have gone away But not yet… These memories stay stagnant like the mist hovering above the ground There are no sounds, just silence all around They are a reminder of my […]