I have grown tired of changing myself for others I am controlled in a cocoon of criticism Where some people believe I should be hidden Out of sight Out of peoples minds So that, my presence does not infect them So I don’t disgrace their friendship group In doing this, I have been erased from […]

Once your eyes were once a space into your soul but they disappeared long ago There is no home is your heart, you just discard the beautiful past You regard people’s worth by what they have achieved and so it seems I will never be accepted in that league I could get so fatigued by […]

There is no clarity in their identity They have supremacy in their eyes They are able to hide a lifetime of lies They have tried to sensationalise and minimalise their actions to justify their lack of compassion Their interactions have become more of a distraction, to cover up the fractions Their projection of kindness filters […]

I used to run to escape my mind Now I run to find the peace inside The elements are my protector, watching over me whilst I run through the field, along with the sand and those gravel tracks If I take a step back, I am not going into the past Were the ghosts would […]

I could spend a lifetime trying to get things right But, you will still lose the will to stay by my side To watch me thrive To be alive I am socially acceptable to your friends when it suits your plans Otherwise, I belong by the roadside At least I have the starlight to protect […]

  Through these winter months sometimes my world comes undone. However, hard I try to fight the memories in my mind, I can not realign my mind to the present and not the past. But, deep inside my body holds the trauma and the somatic memories. I question will I ever be free or will […]

Once there was a young, joyful, fearless girl that loved life and embraced every opportunity but that was nearly eleven years ago. I feel like the days past I will never find my younger self again. It has got lost in the trauma and the pain which seems to be more present every single day. […]