Through these winter months sometimes my world comes undone. However, hard I try to fight the memories in my mind, I can not realign my mind to the present and not the past. But, deep inside my body holds the trauma and the somatic memories. I question will I ever be free or will […]

Once there was a young, joyful, fearless girl that loved life and embraced every opportunity but that was nearly eleven years ago. I feel like the days past I will never find my younger self again. It has got lost in the trauma and the pain which seems to be more present every single day. […]

If people question my presence Why should I stay? Because everyone deserves to have relief Because we will not give up on you © Rosie Burnham

As the years, drift by the question why? continued to circulate in my mind all the time. Days, weeks, months spent in a hospital with the white walls, white floor and a blue mattress which was the only colour in my life. The days spent looking at the ceiling wishing to see stars. Instead, my […]

Rape is serious. Abuse is serious. These events do not discriminate against age, gender, race or ethnicity. It can happen at anytime in life, within a school, a family, at an after sports club or a random attack that is completely out of the blue. These are all different situations but none the less important […]

When I was first diagnosed, I became extremely withdrawn. I hated being touched, hugged, or shown love because I felt I was unlovable, unworthy, unclean, and frightened. This was even with my own family. My mum continued to support and hug me even when I would push her away. A simple hug makes all the […]

As I look in the mirror, I don’t remember the person looking back at me. I am trapped in a world of trauma. I start to run the cold tap, splash my face trying to retrace the old me. The young, joyful and innocent child but she was taken away, that day will never fade […]

Little worrier Don’t be afraid to feel your emotions The pain will fade one day You just need the patience to stay I know people say that It will never go away But you have witness the world Unleash its worst You know how much it hurts Sometimes it all gets a little too much […]

I am still here somewhere between the trauma I may seem distance for you all but I can still feel the pain and heartbreak that lays within your eyes I can see the pain that you carry each day, wishing it would go away I know that you would trade places with me but I […]

We all have a story. Life is our own story. For years I have been battling with the demons in my mind. To a person on the street, I look and act normal, but behind the smile, there is pain. I am twenty two and I have Complex Type II Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I […]