My legs are quivering in panic  But I am still static  I am trying not to look manic  If I had cladding, I will create a barrier between the world and myself  In doing so to cover my particulars of imperfections  I have spent years trying to find the answers  I have searched every mountain […]

I stopped writing for a while Convinced that the words I wrote were meaningless And the words would fall off the page My thoughts would be erased as quick as this paper being ripped from this book If my words remained They would be deconstructed and twisted to fit someone else’s personal story The narrative […]

Maybe my words are just empty spaces Leaving me without a trace I don’t know how long I can take Another remake of this place The levels of life make me question why You decided to come into my life Even time, the earth feels stable I have to hide under the table Your volcanic […]

  I have begun to lose hope that I would ever have a conversation with someone that isn’t a ghost I tried to move to the coast, to get away from them I have tried to talk to other humans beings But all they see is the disease When will I have a company that […]

We are all told we have a reason to be here But, I do not belong in their universe, and this hurts For years, I have surrendered and allowed myself to be controlled by stronger minded people But, I am tired of being kicked to the outside I am only allowed to walk on their […]

I have tried to divide my time, so it doesn’t collide with your precious life But, in doing so, I am not living mine I am afraid to cross the lines that I have restricted myself to these four walls and do not talk All I hide you just don’t recognise You are protected by […]

I have known since I was ill, that everything comes back to me I used to hide behind the trees, wishing I could disappear from the spotlights searching for me But, I knew I would never be free Everything comes back to me I knew ten years ago, my life would be changed I hate the […]