Blog: rosieburnham.com

Women Health Magazine (Strong Mind) issue: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/womens-health-uk/20171201/282948155497339 

Huffington Post: www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/author/rosie-burnham

Very Loose Women (ResonanceFM): http://bit.ly/2l02xw3

Twitter: @Rosie_Burnham

Instagram: @rosieburnham_

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  1. Hi Beth, thank you for the lovely message. I would love to join you for one of your events, that would be brilliant! Please send me a DM via Twitter about the next event. Thank you so much. Rosie


  2. Rosie, I am so sorry that you suffered in this way! Thank you for sharing your story and poetry with the world, I hope it is starting to help you heal.

    I also love the fact you are using running to overcome your pain, and wanted to let you know about the company I work for called Impact Marathon Series – https://www.impactmarathon.com/

    If you wanted to join us on one of our events to help raise awareness of your cause and PTSD we would love to have you.


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  3. Glad my comment brought you a smile! šŸ™‚

    Sure! I’ll have a look at the video when I get home (I’m out at the moment, typing this message in the car while my husband is driving šŸ˜› ). It’s really incredible that you have a talk on video, I get the chills even having a camera in my direction. šŸ˜€

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  4. Thank you so much for your support! Your comment brought a smile to my face šŸ™‚. I have recently talked about my experiences in a video with the help from a charity called Women Speak Out: http://bit.ly/2lpvDG4 . The aim of the video was to spread awareness and hopefully help other people struggling with PTSD! Please could you share the video,if you feel comfortable to do so! Many thanks. Rosie

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  5. Hello Rosie, I stumbled upon your blog at MakeItUltra’s “Promote & Grow Your Blog” post!

    I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been through, and I’m glad you’re finally able to speak up and start healing from the abuse. Although I may be just an unknown person on the internet, I’d like you to know that you have my support, and while I understand it takes time to fully recover from PTSD, I wish you a speedy recovery and also good luck on your aspiring public speaking role. šŸ™‚

    Here’s a virtual hug to hopefully brighten your day! ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø

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  6. I am so sorry for what you went through, and that someone treated you that way. I am also hopeful that you will find healing along your writing journey and help others with similar experiences along the way. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I look forward to participating in yours xx

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  7. Hi! Iā€™m a lot older than you, but i went to boarding school in UK in the 1970s. I absolutely loved it. Iā€™m in the beginning stages of writing a book about my memories, and just researching other people who went to boarding schools, and any blogs I can find. Iā€™m also just setting up a new blog which will go live soon. I look forward to reading your posts and wish you lots of luck for the future.


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