Skin & Bones

I have tried, a hundred times to tell you that I am scared
But you keep on walking away
Into the darkness, away from our love
You cover your ears hoping that I will disappear away from your world, into another universe

I have said a hundred times that my mind cascades when I look into your eyes
I hoped you would listen
I hoped you would speak to me
Instead, you have become weak
You use to hold me so tight, but now you are dying for the inside
I cannot cope with seeing you fade away

Now, I have to let the memories run around infinite in my head
I have seen this reflection decrease to nothing at fifteen
You witness me shirk to nothing
I was disgusting to you
Now I have to observe the past replaying itself

At least I knew I was broken
I don’t want to wake up heartbroken
I don’t want to become frozen in another life
So before I go,
Please know that I loved you the most
But your skin and bones hold too many ghosts
I am losing hope

Your skin and bones make me afraid
Your skin and bones make me want runaway, that I why I cannot stay
I will meet you on those golden plains
I will wait here, until you are safe.

© Rosie Burnham


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