So You Might Hear Me

I have waited years to utter these words
I have spent years screaming inside my soul
I have let the river of tears pour from my eyes
I have begged others to love me
I have listened to the lies that have been spilt on the floor
I heard them all before

I have written my fears on a pages
But my tears would make it unreadable
It was like a storm that had submerged all of my thoughts
I struggled to live like before

I have spent years alone in my head
Battling a war that I knew I could never win
I would never be free from
I searched for friendship, but my demons were all that remain

I am tired of this place
I hope people change
I cannot retrace and my past mistakes
So you bruise my face to demonstrate your power

In the lonely hour, I wait for you to decide my fate, as my soul disintegrates
I knew back then I was not safe
I tried to find a way to communicate, and it led to disarray

You left your mark
You broke my heart
I never got that far to heal,
So I peel at the surface, and so I compartmentalise my pain in another place for a rainy day.

©Rosie Burnham

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