The tide pulls me into the ocean
The ocean surrounds me now
As I go into the unknown
The water is my new home
Where I left long ago

As I float away from you
We have grown apart, but we knew that from the start
You watch me go into the distance like I am driftwood floating into the empty ocean

As the waves grow stronger
I float on, floating into the distance
The waves embrace me, hold me above the surface
So I can breathe
I look to the sky and watch the clouds go on
But, I question how long this turmoil can carry on for?

Days turns into nights
The stars shine bright
I fight through another night
As the tide takes me to another time
A different place

As I sink into the unknown
All I want is to go home
But I am alone, in the darkness
Alone in the ocean
Now, the elements are my family, they are the warm embrace that takes me to a better place.

© Rosie Burnham

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