Fire & Rain

I always knew this day would come
Where our two different forces would collide
Whilst I watched from the sideline
I have tried to find some compromise
Yet the ground has subsided between you and me
The sound of rain rings in my ear
The heat of the fire burns my face
My skin crawls in pain but you chose to look the other way

Our two worlds are fighting, whilst we are slowly dying
The fire and rain illustrates how far apart we have become
I know I have never done enough, to guard you through these difficult years
But are conversation has become like frozen water
Paralysed in this moment, within this timescale
Our bodies have become pale
Unable to move
Unable to hollow for help
Sorrow fills my heart, my veins have become crystallised
I have dreamed it a hundred times
The fear runs through my nerves system
I am a prisoner in my own body, constrained by people’s perceptions and false accusations
I am trapped

As the morning light warms my body
I hear the lark sing
I begin to search for the answer
I find a particle of hope, this is what I need the most

I always knew this day would come but never this soon
The fire and rain has broken us in two, casting a shadow over our lives
I flew into the darkness
Unable to see the light
But there you were right by my side

© Rosie Burnham

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