Look Up Child

Look up child, I know that you are scared

I have tread through these waters before; you were even born 

I know you choose to look to the ground, but you miss all the beauty all around 


Look up child, I know your eyes have seen the world during it’s darker times 

But I am here to remind you that there is light 

Even if you cannot see the other side 


Look up child, I know the world seems so loud

You feel more lost than found 

But, don’t you fear, I am here to stay until you feel brave enough to carve your way 


Look up child, I have seen your tears

I know you have much too fear 

But, don’t despair on your rainy days

The sunrise will shine again to start a brand new day 


Look up child, I know you fear that people frown on the scars you hold dear

But at some point, you have to let them go 

or you will always be alone


Look up child, I have seen you fall 

I have seen you pull through it all 

I know you hold onto to other peoples words 

I know you believe you have ruined their lives 

But I am still by your side 


Look up child, when I am too frail to see

Be my vision, strength and tell me stories that I will never get to experience 

As I was for you through those main days and nights

Don’t be scared when I am not here 

I will be with you in the atmosphere 


Look up child, its time for me to go 

I have held your hand 

Now it’s your turn to let go 

I have seen you grow through the years, so don’t fear 

I will always be near. 


© Rosie Burnham

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