I seem to gain a piece of me and lose one too
I never knew people change so often, as the wind
I cannot begin to tell you, the storms I have been through to see the over side of the moon
I knew the seasons change but people move away rather than staying near, instead they disappear
I wish, I could collect what was lost and hold on to the disappearing memories which are unmarked, I am continuously caught off guard

The storms have altered my mind
I have tried to realign my heart
But it continually broken from the start
My life has been torn apart
Every time I try to run to clearer skies
The rain clouds come and unleashed a flood
Under haunted skies I see your figure attacking my soul
My body is consumed in water
The river of pain starts again

I have to remain calm
I have regulate my breathing
I have embrace the river of tears
I may fear the present
I may be followed by the darkness
But I am the only one who can run towards the light and rewrite my life

The storms are part of life
At times the thunderstorms are unbearable
But they don’t last forever
They pass through leaving destruction and pain
It is a time to regain what has been lost and rebuild our home
Then we will never be alone.

© Rosie Burnham

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