The devil came and took you away 

Now all the goodness is gone from you now 

I am not proud that I didn’t scream aloud to eliminate the darkness from your soul 

Now you are surrounded in thorns


I wish I could go back to when you were born 

I would have protected you better

I would have not sent you away

I would have kept you close to home 

I would never have let you walk into the unknown


However, the years in-between have changed you forever 

I struggled to forgive myself 

I struggled to love your broken mind

I thought at times, you were better not being alive

Your suffering was apparent 

Your loneliness was visible 

Your body was broken

Your soul is trapped in parrell world that I could not take you away from 

The goodness was gone, hidden deep in your mind


But, despite peoples predications, you learnt to fly like a bird through the night 

Your witness the thunderstorms 

Your experienced the rain but I knew you would come back to me one day 

The goodness never faded from your heart

It just got lost in the dark


Yet, we are far away from those battlefields

We have repair our feathers 

We have watched the heathers blossom

We have found sanctuary amongst the chaos

We are finally safe 

We are home


© Rosie Burnham

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