I get tired of trying to live between others white lines

I am exhausted by their mind games

I wish they would fade at the end of the day

But, the betrayal continues until it is imprinted in my mind, all of the



Behind the mask of calm, I am nervous for each day

I continually pray that their games of love and hate will dissipate

However, I doubt that is even possible in their world

For them, they have no recollection of the words they have spoken

If I utter a word of pain, my world will collapse by the end of the


I will be blamed for causing a situation which was irrelevant in their mind


The eggshells of pain, get sharper every day

As my worn feet, dance to other peoples beat

You see, people use my vulnerable mind as ammunition to start a war

To unleash bombs until I am no more than ash and bones

And, people wonder why I lose hope

I have got used to the smoke which surrounds my soul


For now, the battlefield is my home

I have nowhere else to go

Others demands and invisible walls virtually trap me

I thought I could ignore I,  but that was before, they worn me to my core

I use to dream of more for my life

But, others are given the right to control my life, and I am best kept out of sight


Until the moonlight allows them to see me in a new perspective where I am unblemished and not hellish to be around

But they refuse to hear a sound except their voices and versions of events

They forget the memories that matter and scatter inaccurate allegations

Until I disappear into ashes.


© Rosie Burnham

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