Conversations With Ghosts


I have begun to lose hope that I would ever have a conversation with someone that isn’t a ghost
I tried to move to the coast, to get away from them
I have tried to talk to other humans beings
But all they see is the disease
When will I have a company that isn’t a ghost?
This is what I miss the most.

For now, the ghosts are my enemies and my friends which haunt my shadow
They breathe in my oxygen
They break my spirit
They blackened every untouched cloud
I am not allowed to hear my own sounds
The memories live all around, so I look to the ground
I know I am bound by my past
I surround by hate
I am alone
But, I wish they would allow me to let go of those memories

These conversations with ghost make my heart pound
Until I lay on the ground and watch the world spin around
The sounds of hope fades
The ground is consuming my body
The atmosphere is evaporating my soul
I knew I should have left this town long ago
But, it is home
The wildflowers have grown over my body
The rain showers are keeping me alive
Whilst I decide if it is time, to find a way back to life
Where my voice is heard
Where my thoughts are not considered disturbed
Where I am not burnt by others words
Where I am found and the ghosts don’t live all around.

© Rosie Burnham

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