I have tried to divide my time, so it doesn’t collide with your precious life
But, in doing so, I am not living mine
I am afraid to cross the lines that I have restricted myself to these four walls and do not talk
All I hide you just don’t recognise
You are protected by the angel
You have been given space
Yet, I am the one who has been disgraced and replaced

Since the pine leaves took my eyes
You have never been proud to stand beside me
You think I am blind to your lies
You forget before my life turned to darkness
I looked after you all the time
I saw your truth
I saw your weakness
I saw your pain
I never spoke about your secrets to the other side
But, you told all of mine

Through the season you have grown further from me
I know the ivy growing through my skin and veins
Disturbs your wondering mind but it never leaves my side
I have tried to prove to you that I am worthy of your time
But, the leaves continue to float on by

If I could pull the ivy for inside me
Would you be kinder to me?
I have decided that it will never be
Sometimes there is only so much you can fight to be accepted
So you will stay in my memory
Until we meet again.

© Rosie Burnham

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