I have been scared to write what is deep inside
The headlights have been so bright
They have been watching me through the night
I have felt trapped inside
I feel as though something inside me is not right
The lights are controlling my life
They stalk my shadow
They blur my vision
They isolation my mind
They don’t recognise my fight
They shine so brightly
I trapped in those headlights

I need time away from them
They restrict my movement
They suffocate my breathing
They limit my voice
They put boundaries in my life
So I cannot move into a new light

Despite their, ways I still love them all the same
I cannot change my reflection
I cannot erase my past
I cannot replace myself for some else
I cannot tell you that the future will be alright
But, I know I will be fine

Despite their lies
I have healed over time
I have shaken my demons
I have become free from them
I can live again.

© Rosie Burnham

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