Find My Way

Somedays I wish I could run away
Somedays I wish I could find peace in the sky
I get tired of people questioning my life
I get tired of how people try to stigmatise my mind, to protect their lies
I cannot hide that it has destroyed the little pieces of my mind that before was alive
So I sit here and why?
All can do is cry?

In times, these events will become invisible and irrelevant like the passing clouds
My voice will fade into the sunrise
My mind will find another soul and begin to feel whole

For now, I will find God at the bottom of a bottle
For now, I will put faith in my own hands and see where I land
For now, I will watch the sand fall through my hands
For now, I will try not to understand how life has become so bad
So, I am going to try to find my way
I promise that I’ll be home soon.

© Rosie Burnham

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