I have grown tired of changing myself for others
I am controlled in a cocoon of criticism
Where some people believe I should be hidden
Out of sight
Out of peoples minds
So that, my presence does not infect them
So I don’t disgrace their friendship group
In doing this, I have been erased from being your sister
It is better for you that I am a prison

I know you don’t mean any harm
But, your hurtful words are pushing us apart
I have changed my persona around you
I have respected the boundaries, you have built around your life
But, you still think you have the right to dictate mine

At times, I don’t realise that I have killed parts of my mind, just so that I could be accepted in your eyes
These times, I forget how restricted my life has become
It has been controlled by others hearts and minds
While I have fallen into the darkness behind
At times, I question who’s life am I living?

I know the majority of people want me to flourish
But, others wish me to fall
I have been through it all before
Yet, I am sore from the protection people are given, despite their harmful ways
Some people will never change
Some people will always be allowed to more air to breathe and more room for growth
While others are trapped by their past
All I ask is that you free me from the cocoon of the past and let me live at last.

© Rosie Burnham

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