She Had It All

All she wants is more
Even though she has it all
But, she never calls to see how everyone’s lives have turned out to be
She just gossips through the mobile screens and types fake stories of how she wants her life to be
But, she has it all and that is clear to see

All she wants is to become someone else
She projects herself as defensive soul who lost the fight to communicate with others lives
Despite the care, we have given her throughout her life
She complains and people begin to walk away
From her nasty ways and the daily complains that never seem to fade

She only see’s the beauty in people’s eyes but never dares to look inside, to find others lives are black and blue
And, their houses are falling into, but she believes she still worse off than them
I wish I knew how to make her see through her narrow mind
I wish to collect her damaged ideas of how things should be
But, that would be intentionally mean

Between her wolverine ways
I still remember those endless days
When we would laugh and play cards
Without the snide remarks which cause unintentional harm
I wish I could go back to those goods of days
When I didn’t have to paraphrase my thoughts and ask for others to love me more
But, that was before when she had it all.

© Rosie Burnham

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