Everybody Is Changing

There is no clarity in their identity
They have supremacy in their eyes
They are able to hide a lifetime of lies
They have tried to sensationalise and minimalise their actions to justify their lack of compassion
Their interactions have become more of a distraction, to cover up the fractions
Their projection of kindness filters away when there have to communicate with you each day

I know you feel betrayed and dismayed
I have witnessed your frustration
I have observed the hurt, as people identities change like revolving doors
I know the different shades of people’s personalities damages your caring heart
I wish I could alleviate their flaws so they would not cause another war

Someday’s, you seem as though you are wading through years of pain and this time you will not regain your strength
Instead of trying to understand their wavelength, just break away from all they have said
They will continue to spread lies and deceit but you don’t have to get caught up amongst their mean streak
You can continue to speak even if you feel too weak
Theses bleak days will fade but people will continue to change
By trying to erase and rearrange their own lives
Without thinking twice about the others in their life, who have been by their side for a lifetime

Maybe it isn’t about who is wrong or right
Maybe you don’t have to think twice
But, know that I am here by your side, even if there seem to be no light
You will survive and dance in the moonlight.

© Rosie Burnham

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