Days In The Sun

Once these days in the sun would have been a luxury
Once my shadows were my only source of light
I lost my fight against the darkness
The colour black was all that I had become
I thought that my world had become undone
I have enough of their ultraviolet eyes of judgment, starring into my hollow soul

Instead, I stepped outside to sun
I was terrified but I had never seen anything a beautiful in my life
So, these days of sunshine made me fight
I never believed that the sun could repair my broken winter body
I had a reason to breathe and I could see the beam of light filtering through my soul at night

I was rejuvenated in the morning light
I was whole, not broken
I was complete, not marked by my past
At last, I could see a future not cover in storm clouds and darkest all around
I have found my place in the sun
Life has just begun.

© Rosie Burnham

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