Survivors guilt is not a thrill
It is like a drill of pain which stays with you throughout the days
I am continuously, wondering why I made it through the rainy days but the others have faded…

I fear these days of the pain
It is selfish in some ways
I don’t want to betray the people I once knew
But, I broke through the sadness and came out of the madness
I found calmness in the panic
I made it through the blackness whilst others vanished

In some areas of society, I have been banished because others can not handle it
But, I have managed to establish a place where I can start a new canvas

I have started to believe that I am not inadequate
I deserve to live on this planet
I will not take life for granted
I will take advantage of every day and be awake until the sun fades.

© Rosie Burnham

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