Silent Lions


All I know are these silent lions in my life
People walk-by without thinking twice, about how they feel and where they’ve been
In their minds, they question whether they are a sin and how do they begin to live in these adverse surroundings

These silent lions are far from home
They just don’t know where to go
They miss the warm climate, they use to know
They have become lost and don’t know where to go

They cannot run and hide
They are scared to even look us in the eyes
By the time dusk has come, they have began to lose half of their lungs
They struggle to find a reason to stay, so they continue to wish their life away

Yet, in the morning, the sun will rise and shine directly into their eyes
As a sign to hold on and understand that the changes seasons will not define them
Instead of waiting for a better day and a realisation that the concrete will never fade
Even though their family is miles away

Some say, ‘they have found sanctuary ’ but, how can that be?
In between, these fake walls and closed doors
They have become silent through it all
However, they sit and wait patiently for a moment of release where they can be free to dream of their past life
Far away from you and I.

© Rosie Burnham

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