Have A Little Faith In Me

Somedays, I question what I mean to you
Do you still see me broken in two?
Just because I do not always agree with you
But, you chose to follow through with your plans and leave me in the wastelands

I did not plan our lives to fall into a great divide
I did not want it to break you
I do not expect anything in return
All I hope for is that you have a little faith in me
Even when, I am not as I once seemed or when my beam of light fades
Please don’t walk away, even if these grey skies remain

The past has changed my outlook on life
Even if, you believe my actions are not right or that I should think twice before I dive in to making a decision
I know there will be in remission
But, I know that there is a long way to go
I open to listening to your advice but please be nice
Even if, you are jaded about the potential possibilities of the future
Don’t be sad, just be glad that I willing to talk to you even if you don’t understand

I am not mad because of your views
I am used to being battered and bruised
But, please don’t use my life, to shape your heart through mine
Just continue to be kind and that will last you a lifetime
In the meantime, please have a little faith in me.

© Rosie Burnham

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