Are we just broken?

Am I still hoping for better tomorrow

These words would have been forbidden, a year or so ago

We have experienced the sadness and joy of life in a few years

Many of our peers will never witness these moments

Most of them have flown to colder skies because they do not understand our lives

It would take a lifetime of communication to transfer all of our fears

Before the trauma would disappear

I have adhered to their way of life

Now, it is time for them to give me a minute to tell my truth

Before I have to run and hide into the night

Through the darkest skies

Through the stars

Before they take my heart

I cannot run any faster

I am not permitted in this universe after sundown

I have found the segregation zones are safer

Then, I can go outside and live my life

Without the dust mites of manipulation following my throughout theses year

For now, they disappear

I am protected from their pain

I know the rain will come again

I know it will wear me down

I have learnt not to frown, so I look to the clouds for guidance

I am reminded that I am safe for today

Then, I can look the other way and hold on to these memories before the sunset tomorrow

I can create my own story

I can draft my future

I can sculpt my days without the fear of pain and dismay

I can create a new version of myself without dread of repercussions

I know this will change with the morning sunlight

But for now:

I am free

I am present

I am alive.

© Rosie Burnham

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