Beyond The Reef

I have never belonged in these bones

I am a stranger in this home

I wish I could leave my body for a moment in time

To perfect my flaws so that I could cement my memories in the past

In doing so, I could live at last

There are moments of relief, where the molecules of pain fade

They evaporate into the atmosphere

The weight is lifted off my chest, all last I can rest

There is calmness in the air

I have found peace here and far beyond the reef, I can finally sleep

I drift peacefully with the current

The ocean waves are my compass

I am reminded that like the waves which are continually changing and adapt to their surroundings

Maybe I need to learn to drift into the unknown

Then I will be less scared of the unknown

I will be able to whether the uncharted waters

I will find calmness in the chaos

I will find stillness in the silence

© Rosie Burnham

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