Why do I both to express and relate to you
When at the end of the day
My words are empty
Useless and replaceable

All the noise you create
Filters through these walls and you make others feel small

You display your true feelings and emotions after a few drinks
In the blink of an eye
You have transformed into your true self

In that single moment
The years of trust, laugh and hope
Evaporates into smoke
Is a relationship just a joke?

I feel broken like a fallen oak tree
I feel diseased and poisoned by your words
Yet, I know deep inside that you also get frightened sometimes and your words fall and you do not think through them all

Before my roots would have crumbled
My leaves would have fallen
My branches would have broken
But, I have learnt to whether the changing climate
I have adapted to the harsh winters
I am grounded on this earth
It sounds absurd, but I let others words float through my leaves
I finally free.

© Rosie Burnham





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