Part Of Me

My tired eyes remind me that there is life left inside
I cannot hide my sadness but amidst the madness
It is the only human part of me left

I breathe in disbelief that I am here in this moment
I am insecure
I am more unsure than before I started this journey which has left me battered and bruised
I sometimes feel that I have fallen through the cracks
I wish I could have a moment to take a step back

I once was consumed by the disease
I believed that it was the only thing that identified me to the rest of the world
I was hollow behind my glass eyes
I was trapped in a sphere of pain which would not go away
I was lonely and my tears were my own comfort
I was exiled to a foreign land which I could not stand
All I wanted was a hand to hold but they just left me alone
I was a prison in my mind
My friends had vanished to the other side and there they resided, to make sure are worlds would not collide
I missed their friendship but I was damaged shadow which had to be cased into the unknown
The, I was utterly alone and I have nowhere to go

However, I have stored these memories and lost opportunities into the caskets in my mind
It was a while before I learnt how to smile
I have experienced hell and high waters of life
Yet, I am still alive and as time goes by,
I realise that there is no difference between you and me
Even though, we have experienced life through different eyes
I have decided to walk away from your lies
I will not criticise your behaviour or victimize my own circumstances
I do not take life for granted and that is why I am still standing

For now, I have branched away from all of the words you have said
I am as free as a bird
Your swords of pain do not affect me at the end of day


© Rosie Burnham









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