Warmer Skies

How many battle scars does a person have to have, before the world will let them heal?
I feel I am living in a continuous wheel of despair but you don’t even care

Standing from a distance you try to understand my life
But you choose to criticise my every move to prove a point
But from my viewpoint, I have lost souls to an illness that you will never be able to comprehend or mend their floating wings
They became paper-thin and hollow
Consumed by their minds
They flew to warmer skies

I have tried to leave this other life behind
However, it will always be by my side
I struggle all the time to free my anorexic mind
But, I do not want to live in the confines of food
Just because of you do not know the ramification of your actions
I will not hold it against you

Please don’t conclude or compete that you know me
I run to be free, not to fall through the seams
I wish this was a dream that could be forgotten
For now, I will let your words and comments float away like a butterfly at the beginning of a new day.

© Rosie Burnham

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