No Freedom

Trying to find peace with the past is the hardest part
Haven’t I already got enough battle scars?
It breaks my heart to relive these memories
One sentence at a time

People are trying to understand my life
Every reason
Every mistake
Is viewed by everyone, to judge and create their own perception of events
They believe they are heaven-sent
While I trying to mend the rest of the stories and trying to put theses memories into a logical order in my mind

I am trying to not just survive
But I cannot continue to hide
I need to find a way to feel alive even if others despise want is behind my eyes
They have not lived my life
However, had I try the ghosts will always follow
They want to make me become hollow again

Please tell me when I have an accepted soul that you wish to follow
I cannot wait until tomorrow because in your mind you have to decide that I am worthy of your time
I am hurt by actions
I cannot keep subtracting parts of me for you to believe that I worthy of your belief
I am not a disease
But I will be free even if you can’t see me

©Rosie Burnham

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