A Piece Of Me

Why does everyone want a piece of me?
Do they ever want me to be free?
My life has been thrown for all to see
How do I grieve when I cannot heal?
How do I cry without the tears?
How can I live without any fear?

My life is inscribed in words of others
The ink represents my tears
The paper absorbs all my fears
But, where have you been all these years?

You have managed to escape
Free your soul and left me here alone
I have nowhere to go
Although you know what you did was wrong
How long did it take, for you to clean your tracks
We know you lied and that is matter of fact
You are the person who is running and hiding
You have to take that to your grave
You will not be washed with grace
There was a heist to protect your own
You drew those white lines that divide you and I

But, you will never know the number of nights I have cried
Whilst you lived a perfect lie
So don’t try to mend your mistakes
You have covered your tracks

I will not allow you to continue to shoot bullets into the past
Have I got enough battle-scars to last a lifetime?
The difference between you and me .. is that I can look myself in the eye
I can stand by my life, even though it
I will never have to modify my life-like you did to mine
I will don’t have to run and hide
I can live my life that is the difference between you and me

© Rosie Burnham



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