The Island

Maybe I have lost these places
But created new spaces of peace
I thought my life had been decided and decreases to small particles of pain
I never thought these days would return again

Life has ways of altering are perspectives
Changing our dreams and hopes
By accepting that there are so dreams that will never be
They are the hardest to understand
I feel left behind
Deserted on an island far from humanity because they can barely stand to look at me

Even though I may be lost, alone and silenced
I still remember the kindness that once was shown to me
Maybe I do not belong at sea
But these are memories
Daydreaming of happiness times
When people would look me in the eye
I have tried to communicate my fears

However, they choose to make me disappear
But, I have fought to be here
I may be battered and bruised
I will find a way off this island
I will swim into uncharted waters to make it back home

At least I have somewhere to go
Even if It takes me years to escape the oceans
I will continue to keep hoping for better days
I will bypass the rain
To find a glimmer of light
As I disappear into the night

By morning I am exhausted and broken by the currents
As my teardrops fill the seas
I continue to dream even if others disbelieve
I will make it back to normality
I will not let people question my sanity
Because I have witnessed the worse element of the world
I have been hurt, so do not treat me like dirt
I have a right to be here, even if you refuse to see me
I will be free
I will return  back to humanity

© Rosie Burnham

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