There are secrets in their eyes
I wonder why they are still alive
However much I despise them
I cannot change their actions, their words, and their wicked ways
I have to stay calm and collected
Acting like I am unaffected

Just because you can not see the water of pain, does not mean that it has gone away
Day by day
I try to smile away the pain
Some days the rain falls and drenched my soul in misery

I’m cold, alone and afraid
I get tired of their games that continue to replay
I’m trying to fight and be hopeful
While practices outside my control and trying to tear me down
I try not frown
I try not to look at the ground
But these sounds are like screens in my mind that takes me further away, each time

I try to remind myself that I’m safe and in a place far away from the traces of horror that I left
But, they cannot be undone
They cannot be washed away
I have to learn to live with the pain

I have, and I will continue to fight these demons my head
Until I am free wherever that may be
Whatever time zone
I will find a place of peace
I will be free

© Rosie Burnham

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