These dust clouds surround me now
I feel frozen in their presence
In essence, they are the particles of pain that I thought would have gone away
But not yet…

These memories stay stagnant like the mist hovering above the ground
There are no sounds, just silence all around

They are a reminder of my struggles but in my mind, I had put them into another life
I thought that time had gone by, but the medical records don’t lie
They mark my mistakes and false replays of trying to succeed in life
But the black crosses don’t tell you why?

Hidden beneath the pages of paper, the story feels much safer
Away from prying eyes
But, I still cry, every time I think of the other life, it is left behind in those corridor and white walls

No one understands it more than my body that has been through the wars
I have stopped questioning ‘what was this all for? It just leaves me staring at walls and disappearing after all, so I choose to close that door

I am further forward than before
Maybe the dust will settle after all

© Rosie Burnham


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