The Lake

Medicine is a poison to my mind
You and I both know that it does not leave an afterglow of happiness and relief from the trauma
It just magnifies the past
You don’t have to look far to realise the unethical actions that you put into motion
You caused such a commotion

There was no crisis
Your indecisive and righteous ways caused this climate of fear
Not me, my dear
I will not sacrifice my life
For your unlicensed mind that has no experience of my world at it worst
You have not experienced my hurt
You said that when I am better I can return
This only causes further hurt
I am treated like a piece of dirt

You are selective in who you choose to help and you leave the rest of us to yelp in pain
While you wait for the others to fade into insignificance

Until the house has no human beings left
Just damaged souls that have nowhere else to go
They just don’t know where they belong
They have been fed so many different songs
How do they carry on?
But, in the end, all that we have is our souls
They can not manipulative or change the medicine in our brains
They are ill-trained in compassion and their emotions cause a knee-jerk action
Causing more fraction
All they do is subtract your heart from your home and then thrown you onto the street
And, continue the deceit

Maybe, one day they will meet and greet their mistakes and realise the earthquakes they made
But, I am afraid for some it is too late to mend the truth
Too late to speak honestly about their mistakes
You have caused too much heartbreak
But, as the day breaks, we will cross the lake and make our escape
However long it takes
We will not break

© Rosie Burnham

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