Close My Eyes


I don’t have a clue
How has the world has become so untrue
I wish I could carry you through this avenue of pain
I wish I could pursue a different path
Instead, I am askew in sadness
But, I know I will breakthrough

I am one of the last few
Who grew apart and moved away to the suburbs
I know that it sounds absurd
But, I still feel so hurt and alert
Amongst this cold-hearted earth

I wish I could be free as a bird
Instead of living in between these blurred lines which always push me aside
Even though difficult times and when my mind collides
I will not utter an unkind word
I will transfer my voice down onto paper
I will stand tall as a skyscraper and wash away the water vapor
These clouds of negativity will evaporate
I will learn to love and not hate
Then, the past will dissipate in the blue skies which floats so high
One day, I will reach the sky without having to close my eyes

© Rosie Burnham

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About Rosie Burnham

I am young voice trying to find a voice between the silence through blogging, using poetry to express my thoughts and running towards recovery. One day, hoping to become a public speaker to share my experiences and raise awareness about the impact of bullying and abuse in schools; highlighting the lasting effects of PTSD on the individual and the family. Twitter: @Rosie_Burnham Blog: Huffingpost Blog: Very Loose Women (ResonanceFM): Women's Health Magazine (Strong Minds Issue):