Chase The Sun

The tidal waves
Keeps me wide awake
Carving my fate
As I wait patiently by the ocean for the tides to turn so I don’t become submerged
But, I have been here before in these cold waters
I am not really to be slaughters
I am someone’s daughter
I must find a way out of this corner and cross into a new broader
Where I don’t live under grey skies
I learn how to fly and live my life

Despite these uncertain times
I cannot rewrite my past
But, I can whether the next storm because I am stronger after all
I have known that since I small
I have to learn how to climb these oceans wall and not to let the surge of emotions to silently drown me
Before my words turn into bubble
I have got to communicate my troubles
I know I will get through the struggles

One day, they will turn into puddles that become a reflection of how far I have travelled   and what I have become
I am not numb
I have learned how to chase the sun
To speak up even if my world becomes undone
I am an enough
For everyone

© Rosie Burnham

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