I will be by your side
Even when you have given up the fight to stay
You just want to fade away
But, these days won’t look so grey
Just keep those negative beliefs away
Please just for today

As the sun comes up
The wind changes direction
You find that your love and affection that disappeared for years is here
But, it doesn’t keep your fears at bay
They stay pulling at your heart valves

One day, you will be found amongst the clouds
of hope and joy
Where your heart is not heavy and your tears don’t turn to rain and cause more pain
There is no shame in having these days these

One day, you will be free to stand by me
So keep dreaming of better days
Don’t lose your faith
Keep believing in tomorrow
However, slow the clock ticks just remember that life goes by quick

Leave your worries at the door and stop question what for?
Continue to walk into those uncharted territories and make friends with your enemies
Don’t lose your identity in the legacy you want to create
Just let fate, guide the way and take it day by day
Remember you will be fine and I am right by your side.

© Rosie Burnham

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