Younger self
Don’t lose yourself in the past
The shadows which lurk in the corridors
You are protected by these four pink walls
Stop questioning what this all was for?
Try and open another door which has not been locked before

Don’t look at older photography’s with anger
This was you once before
Your image was destroyed and thrown into the bin
Remember you are not a sin

I wish I could make this all fade away and stop the rain
Retract the pain
But I can’t.

I won’t lead you down a road of lies and false promises
But I can reassure you it gets better
Things don’t stay like this forever

Still dream
Still hope
And remember to smile once a day
Even if it rains

One day, I know I will meet you in the future when you had grown and I have aged
We will sit and think about the time we lost but also the memories we gained and they will never fade
Some things just stay the same
Even though the years of change

© Rosie Burnham



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