Worlds Apart

These complex corridors have become more and more encrypted as the days pass
More lying hearts
They bypass the fact that they offer an operation to save my life and then six weeks on new management decided to turn the life support off

All because I should have never been on the waiting list
Prepare for theatre
Offered help
Assessed then two years on

Then two years on, you decide to switch the power off and then I am long gone
So, why did I hang on for so long?

I have wasted a life
Trying to please others
Trying to prove to the world that I am bulletproof and they used my vulnerability to move me to the morgue where my body is refrigerated and preserved

I know it won’t hurt
I will finally be a peace but deep down you could have saved me
I will be one of the deceased that you choose not to treat
The disease finally beat me
I knew you would treat me this way so why did I decide to go for the operation on that day because…. I had hope that was take away and day by day you took my thoughts
Took my organs to save another life
I know there is no afterlife

However, hard I try I will never be alright so why did you hold my hand through the night
You will only claim me when you hold no responsibility
No burden
I will carry that to my grave
Day by day
I wish you could see me know with the sun on my face
There is no trace of the pain just grace
I am finally safe from all you say

Please don’t betray another vulnerable heart and turn them into a work of art
You should have known that from the start
But, thankful I am worlds apart from these harsh remarks that have scarred my heart
But, at least we are worlds apart

© Rosie Burnham

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