Hidden In The Mist

Maybe one day
I will find you there
In an ocean as blue as your eyes
But, as the tide pulls us apart
Will I ever be able to hold your heart?

I watch as the weather front submerges your lungs
The memories have become my only friends
As I cannot see you then
Hidden in the mist
Protected from the ghosts that float in the waves

I wish you stay here with me
But, you chose the water over me
I know people keep telling me that I should leave and turn my back on you
But, what a horrible thing to do

I have been here before
Starring through these open doors
Of lost dreams and make beliefs

I see that you cannot carry me
To the shore
To the shallows
So you sacrifice your soul and allowed me to continue home
But, I always think of how things could have been
I wish that I could have protected you from the seas

I often dream of the dry lands and frozen lake which remain unchanged for years
Allowing the spirit to meet and greet
While the rest of the world sleeps

© Rosie Burnham

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