Proof died the last time I cry
Proof became a demon rather than a protector
Proof hid the scars deep within my skin, it didn’t even show when I was thin
Where do I even begin?

Proof was an unnecessary process for you to understand my mind
Proof was once a friend of mine but then it died because of the others lies
I was thrown to the waste side
I try to speak even when I was weak

But, you see they took my shadow of protection from me
The elements unleashed hell against me
I have to be strong and carry on even though the fog
Their spirits only lives in the magnitude of memories in my mind
I have to refine my new life while I fight these demons on the inside
I cannot delete my mind
I cannot rewire my brain so here I stay
Fighting opposing opposites
Confined between these party lines

I try to define my new normal
I have to find a portal to store the pain for more than a day
I cannot begin again
I have to find a way through these turbulent times and remind myself that there is more to life
I just have to try and bide my time
I know that everything will be alright
I just have to keep reaching for the sunshine

© Rosie Burnham

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