No one knows how sad she feels within
They only see the smile but that has become paper-thin
Where do you begin to heal a legacy of pain?
Will it ever go away?
She hopes it will happen someday

Yet, this internal dilemma of shame and vain has become established again
This time of year she is full of fear
The autumn leaves are falling
The dark nights are drawing closer
The cold and bleak winter months are a breath cycle away

She is scared of want is to come
Even this known terrain scares her the most like a bad omen
Lurking in the shadows as the ghosts of the past rejuvenate their bodies back to life
Her life is full of worry and there are no sorry’s
Just nightmares that stare deep within
Breaking down her armour one day at a time, as she holds on to life
The question why? always pops into her mind and divides her new life
It unravels the tight web of protection around her

Until she is bare and defenseless once again
Instead, it is eleven years on and the song plays on and on
No rest
Just on repeat
All she wants to do is fall asleep
But, all she can do is weep
She falls deep into the despair and forgets she was ever there
Lost and alone but she will find a way back home
Away from the dark nights and lonely times when the street lights are her only reflection
Only friend
Only protector

But as morning comes the sunrise will eliminate the darkness
Forgetting the madness and leaving it behind
Letting it fly into another night sky

© Rosie Burnham


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