Begin Again

I try to surround myself with positive people
But every time the world becomes filled with evil
Then, life becomes an upheaval
They steal the best of me
Taking away my soul
I beg them, please
Leave me one part that is unharmed
So I wait for the aftermath
To end and then I can defend all that has been said

I will meet them on the white lines that have divided my life
I take time to look back at the past
The years have gone by so fast
My childhood is a distant memory
But, it still weighs heavily on my heart
How torn apart things were from the start
I wish I could step back from this steep track

But I have to brave and stay
To face the demons that come my way
I pray they don’t hurt me
I pray they won’t unleash the acid rain for their own again
But, I will begin again
Even though there is pain
I will not betray my fragile brain
I will stay the same
Want ever may come my way

© Rosie Burnham

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