Never Be Alone

I don’t want to go
I need to keep walking down this road
Even so slowly I will make it to another town
Another city

But, I am walking a tightrope so please stay close
This is when I miss you the most
Yet, this doesn’t destroy my hope wherever these empty street lead
I know that you are with me
I try to imagine this is all a dream but it is reality
so please stay with me
I don’t want to go
I don’t want to play die
I am not ready to float into the night
so stay by my side and hold on tight
Then, I know I won’t go and I will make it back home
But, safe and away from the pain

I will gain wisdom
Since leaving this prison
I have the vision to live
To be presence
Even though I fake a smile
I know you have been here for a lifetime
Just stay one more mile longer
One day I will be stronger
The past will not bother me any longer

Until that day
I know there will be moments of despair but you are there
Here with me, so I know that I will never be alone
I belong at home

© Rosie Burnham



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