Beleive In Tomorrow


I cannot step back from this track
It continues to play in the background
I hear all of these sounds but there is no movement on the ground
My heart pounds with defeat as they slowly eat away at every last piece of me
The time-lapse of my life is played through others eyes
I cry as the tear drops glide and hide causing a further divide

Where can I survive?
Where can I thrive?
Before my world collides
I know that I cannot run and hide
So I fight however weak I may be
I have to believe in tomorrow
I have to forget about today’s sorrow
I have to borrow a piece of courage to confront my demons
I know there are reasons why it is a long road
I know I am not alone

But, these shadows seem to be my only friends
When will this end?
I know I spend too must time in my head
I don’t want to descend into another warfare
I hate when people stare
I must apprehend my fears this year so I don’t disappear
I know I belong in this atmosphere
I need to be clear that I don’t choose to disappear
But sometimes I question what is keeping me here?
I don’t want to shed any more tears
I know this year there will be clearer skies
I am no good a goodbyes
I will sacrifice my pride and an ask you to stand by my side
Then, I know I will be alright

© Rosie Burnham



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