Stronger Than Before

Stay hopeful even when the days are darker than the nights
The time will go by and the clouds will lift
The wind will shift in a new direction moving the polluted air and creating new particles of air where there is no despair, from above

But, how can you overcome these difficult months
Do you give up?
Or, rise above these hostile memories and dreams that make my body shake in pain
How do I remain grounded when I surrounded by ghosts which make me lose hope
They want me to drift away into the dark sky
But, I continue to fight even if there is no life in body
I do not worry
I will think of an Icelandic poppy and focus on the beauty, not the pain that still remains

Even nowadays, my mind drifts in circles from the past
They hit me so fast
I don’t have a chance to breathe
To see my surrounds
To calm my mind
This is when I panic deep inside
But, I try to be here now
Even if they are no sounds to bring me back
I will imagine covering them in ivory black so that I can unravel my mind and find peace inside
I will not hide from them
They cannot hurt me anymore even though I still feel sore
I am stronger than before

© Rosie Burnham



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