Pocketful Of Sunshine

Flower you have become so sour
You are smaller than a tower
I wish that I could give you the power
To make you grow
To blossom into a new person
Flourish into a new season
There is no rhyme or reason why
Your pink flowers have fallen from grace
Through the layer of thorns that have intertwined with your roots
Suffocating the growth and all of your hope

As the winter months begin
Your blossom will die
Your leaves will fall to the floor
But, beneath it all, you will find stability in the roots below
However cold it get you have the strength to survive
Even if your worlds collide
Remember that it takes time to feel alive and find some peace of mind

You will be fine even if the darkest there is light
So try to hold onto the moonlight with all your might
You will be alright,
Just hold on tight and choose to fight
Even if you are weak and the weather is bleak
Just give it a week or two and you will pull through to find a pocketful of sunshine further down the line



It takes time to heal
It takes time to grow
It is a long road but like the changing season’s
You will not stay the same
You will find you our way to flourish even if you are undernourished
You have the courage to stay and fight
Just hold on to that light and you will be alright

© Rosie Burnham


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