I Can’t Make Your Love Me

I can’t make you love me
I hope you see that I am trying
I hide the tears otherwise there would be a flood and the floor would be covered in pain
I know that I can not whether another heartache
I am trying to fix myself before the winter
I letting go of their bitter words that once were heard inside my head
I am trying to mend these broken ties
But, I am still learning how to live life

Despite these wicked lies floating by my side
I have to remind people who see my battle scars that I am still healing and in repair
Even with the despair
I walk through the thin air so I don’t cause a warfare of raw emotion that will not stop

Until I drop onto floor
Broken down by these four walls
Please hold my hand
Please hold me close
Even if my mind has dissolved with pain and I can’t see through another day

Please stay
Please don’t walk away
Please don’t betray my damaged heart
Please don’t pull me apart
I am trying to start again
I am trying to grow
So will you lose hope?
Shall I just go or find a new home?

I don’t want to leave you alone
But I am compounded by memories from long ago
I feel broken in your arms
I wish I restart my life
But, I know it is time to forgive and forget
Leaving all the words better unsaid and mend the wounds before throwing accusations at you
I know that you are not bulletproof
I know you are tired too
I know it’s time to healing and peel down the barricades to my heart but we’re do I start?
Can’t you ever mend a broken heart and leave the memories in the past?

© Rosie Burnham

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